An American man Have a bills home jerseys named Sheldon Adelson, grew dream life is wonderful up in the slums, because of the courage to dream, 12 years old started on the newsboy start, away 40 years to become the nation’s third millionaire. At the age of 74 about wealth evaporate 90% to continue to work hard, get rich list. The road of life is like a roller coaster ups and the old man as thrilling, and he is the world’s fastest growing wealth of the rich people, can not say that he is not copy the miracle, is a myth as the acme of perfection.

0 years old: 1933 was born, the family of 6 people only a bed and a room, crowded living in a slum in Boston, the United states. My father is a taxi driver, the mother for a living at home to do some chores to supplement household sewing.

12 years old: he grew up in the slums, with Uncle borrow $200, rented two street stalls, began selling newspaper business, this works is 8 years.

20 years old: at the end of the street vagrant life, dare to dream, to find and seize the opportunity to sell shampoo, shaving cream to the motel. Then a soldier and admitted to university to study corporate finance, go out and do mortgage brokers, investment advisers and financial consultants occupation.

30 years old: travel to New York to seek the dream and development, engaged in the media advertising business. Try a myriad of industries, becoming a $5 million fund to manage the risk of investment at home, big enough to the nuclear energy small pet store successfully jerseys china factory invested 75 companies. The stock market crash of 1969, he suffered heavy losses, but soon withdraw investment circle, to enter the real estate industry. Not long after, his only business was hit, the real estate business is closed. In a California magazine sponsored by the assembly, he sees the opportunity again. The following year in March to host the first exhibition, hearing the dealers throughout the United States and products of science and technology, more and more large scale exhibition.

40 years old: a computer magazine in 1979 through his own investment, in Las Garth founded the computer supplier exhibition Comdex, to $100 a booth price to the host government lease exhibition venue, and then to 50 times the price to rent to exhibitors, accumulated huge wealth. In the last century in 80s, the computer industry has developed rapidly, and the Comdex exhibition will soon become the world’s largest computer show.

50 jerseys different size years old: IT industry ushered in the golden age, all the people think of the Comdex exhibition of the latest technology products faster, Bill Gate, Steve Jobs IT and wealth hero’s speech is more attractive highlight of the exhibition. 8 years later, the exhibitors reached 2480, more than 210 thousand visitors. In 1989, he bought cheap jerseys online the old casino hotel for $128 million, and the first American built by individual investment and has the Jinsha Exhibition Center, in order to not familiar with the gaming industry.

60 years old: 1995 was known as the “father of the exhibition”, the Comdex disk to Softbank to a high of $860 million, the deal makes him become really rich. A $1 billion 500 million investment to blow up the Sands Casino hotel. Three years of reconstruction, covers an area of 63 acres, it is connected with the largest exhibition center, build a world’s largest investment of accommodation, entertainment, gaming “Venice resort”, established in his rich status of Las Garth, and will extend to the Asian gaming empire in Macao, China investment Macao Jinsha the casino, the Marina Bay Sands building in singapore.

70 years old: 2003 net worth of over $3 billion. Less than 3 years, to earn nearly $1 million per hour, the speed of 20 billion 500 million U.S. dollars, the purchase of private aircraft 14, becoming the world’s largest private aircraft group. 2007 wealth rose to $26 billion 500 million, is located in the Forbes global rich list sixth, ranked third in the United States, second only to Bill Gate and Buffett. 74 year old boarded the highest point of life.

74 years old: 2007 to 2008 years, the financial crisis broke out, the sands group’s share price fell, the loss of $25 billion a year, wealth has shrunk more than 90%. It took more than 40 years from the bottom to the top, but it only took a year to fall from the top. But he climbed to the top again from the bottom of the peak, and had to say that it was a miracle. In just two years, he accumulated a wealth of nearly $15 billion. 2009 has become the “Forbes” magazine rich list of history, the fastest growing wealth and become the world’s most wealthy people.

This year Sheldon Adelson ushered in the 78 birthday, his left leg suffering from neuropathy pain, walking can only rely on a crutch, but it is such an old man still dare to dream: “someday my wealth to go beyond Bill Gate, becoming the world’s richest man.” However, when asked about his wealth is $30 billion for Bill Gate, whether you are interested in the back position, his eyes suddenly bright, finally replied: “why not? I am the courage to dream to have today’s wealth.”