Britain has a great Has your life jerseys documentary for women from usa, a director may be the original intention is to verify is very difficult in the British social class, the children of the rich are still rich, poor children are still poor, choose 14 classes of children track record once every seven years, from the age of 7. 14 years old, 21 years old, 28 years old, 35 years old, 42 years old, 49 years old, until the last 56 years, over the past few decades, or the director, from youth to old age, or a group of people, from children aged.

I heard the film a year, because it’s a reality show, so it’s rather curious, but has not found the source, finally see this film in a domestic video website in 2012, they completed 56 years of filming, so it’s a new movie called “56UP”, a total of three set in 150 minutes, we can see the ordinary British life.

Those people in life seem to confirm that director originally speculation, like Tianya a very hot post “poor again difficult child”, a group of graduates in different banks after the practice performance and the final destination, people can not speech but is the cruel reality, excellent social resources already in accordance with the established pattern divvy up, from parents to children has been passed.

In our country, twenty years ago that out of work and the children stay home this group, as parents away from children have no time super bowl jerseys for women to focus on children,cheap nfl jerseys also do not have sufficient resources to improve children, they just struggling to live, and their 80 children, 90 is still anything learned and then dropped out of high school parents to enter the city to work, then still in the bustling city of edge is compressed, in this group of people aspire to change his life unless there are still, but a very small part. The British reality television documentary also let a person look really wholesale super bowl jerseys angry, there is no specific reasons, we can only through the appearance to infer the nature of reason.

The 7 year old children are innocent and romantic, the upper class private school children Andrew and JOHN have been watching every day in the “financial news” or “Observer”, they clearly know their will on which high school and then University of Oxford and became the famous lawyer famous figures, middle-class boys also have some dreams against racial discrimination help color or where to go to school what occupation, girls grow up thinking and get married and have children in the poor areas, slums boarding schools lower class children don’t even talk about what a dream, some people want roughride money, some people hope to have the opportunity to see his father eat less stand less beaten this has become their wishes.

At the age of 56, when the 7 year old private school children has been established in accordance with the route and then graduated from University of Oxford have done a famous lawyer, a generous upper social life, respected family happiness, and their children are all walking old father, good school good university good work;

The middle class has three boys are on the University, the first Bruce Department of mathematics of University of Oxford after graduation to become a middle school teacher, according to his ideal to help poor students in Britain, later returned to teach in a regular public school, also have a dull and quiet life; another peasant Nick Oxford after graduating from the Department of physics to the United States to become a famous American University Professor, second marriage, married a body appearance temperament excellent wife, he is only a successful promotion of the elite people there;

A young boy Peter when political thoughts is intense with a mettlesome and handsome bearing do after university, teacher, midway because of political speech by the public criticism out of the pressure of the film at the age of 56 to shoot, has been diverted to do the civil service, the stability of family happiness and outstanding sons and daughters, and his beautiful wife spare time together the band was founded to create the performance and achieved very good results in the industry, the tall elegant temperament, they are still stable in the middle class in the gradient.

But the middle class out of the girls is very dull, I couldn’t even tell who exactly the story, without exception, they married married children, their life and their marriage almost entirely linked degree. And what comes from the bottom class children, colored people are their old age, when a child’s grandparents, and their children, rarely up to the University, doing service work is ordinary, the repairman themselves, such as security, and often accompanied by unemployment, if not good social system, they are actually worrying situation.

We China saying, dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse’s son can make a hole, that is the main genetic and subtle, probably also expressed this some insurmountable boundary rules between different species. In addition to the conclusion really make people sigh and even some people unwilling, I also clearly found the following points of interest.

A person’s weight corresponds to his social class.

In the film, the elite class Andrew and John 56 years old still maintain relatively good size and shape, American Professor Nick couple was promoted to elite in the middle class, the civil service as the middle Peter couple inside