When we say that Growth and a person has grown up, usually in the bills game worn jerseys success sense that he is not tall, or that he has grown up, but that he is more mature in the spiritual and ideological level. Growth, means that the idea of a more personal, more rich heart, the ability to increase, the experience is increasingly rich, strong willed, more mellow personality. And stop growing, it means that a person to stop the thought and spirit of the pursuit of the realm, like the branches of a tree to the sky no longer, no desire to touch the sky if alive, no dream and passion.

Many people look at life, there is a misunderstanding, that is more attention to success, and often ignore the growth. Success is what? According to the definition of the world, when a person in the community to achieve wealth, fame and status, we say that the success of the people. But in fact, the definition of success in itself is a jerseys different size problem, because in essence, success is not something, but a natural result of a person’s growth. Success is not a static thing, can be no reason to “take”, because all things with extreme ease is likely to lose; success is a kind of growth, and growth from a person’s heart, the eternal. People in the view of success, usually with a simple and crude way: only to see the success of their own, rather than to explore how to succeed in the path. Success is how to come? Get through their own efforts is extremely hard and bitter? Or by bartering conspiracy? If cheap jerseys online a person gets wealth, fame and status is not through the improvement and their continuous efforts to get up, he called that success is despised, this success and growth have no relationship. If a person’s success is connected with the growth, is achieved through continuous efforts, then we have reason to believe that such a success will be relatively long.

Growing up is a person who keeps on making success. If a person inherits a fortune, in a lottery, or because of the exam right subject got a high score, this is not a real sense of success, because it has nothing to do with the growth, can not be copied, there is a great chance. Just think, if he wanted to inherit a legacy, the lottery once again, or to win a title, but also so easy? But on the contrary, if a person’s hard work, study hard, a little bit of progress every day, finally realized his dream, his success is a inevitable result of development of the future, more success can be replicated in the same way. So, continued success is bound to grow and related. When we talk about the story of a man’s success, he is talking about his growing process. Not all successful people are worthy of respect, unless he has an impressive growth process.

Now young people only after the pursuit of success, not the pursuit of growth, this is a sad thing. This is like building a house, only the pursuit of the height of the house, but don’t try to reinforce the foundation to a certain height, the house will collapse. The university is the best time for personal growth, serious reading, independent thinking and exploration of knowledge, make friends, let the beautiful youth left a trail of growth trajectory is a fascinating thing. At the same time, the future of the confusion, the pain of love, the life of the wandering, the reality of depression are part jerseys china factory of the growth, but also the only way to grow. Unfortunately, many college students do not know this, they choose to use a shallow way – or playing games or Internet – to deliberately avoid their own growth must experience the efforts and pain. However, any escape can only be temporary, and now the moment to escape usually means that the future to double the efforts and pain to repay. I have seen too many people, because in the university is not willing to grow, not the pursuit of knowledge, not to enrich their minds, not thinking about his life, the results go to the society became useless, wandering in the edge of the society, can not integrate into society, also not be accepted by the society.

Only the pursuit of growth, not the pursuit of success, so that success has become the inevitable result of growth – this is the most correct way to success. The so-called “just work, ask the harvest” actually expressed the same meaning: farming is growing, harvest is the inevitable result; if we only yearn for the life will spoil things by excessive enthusiasm finally withered and died. We’ve all seen butterflies fly, in a moment, she is so beautiful, but please don’t forget the beautiful behind, she had a clumsy caterpillar crawling, butterfly pupa into the toil and pain.