The long road of life Endure humiliation, there are too many broncos home jerseys 2016 great things disappointments, a step back is not forgetting the ultimate mission as boundless as the sea and sky, as long as you or your own. To be able to withstand the ridicule of others, this is a sign of magnanimity, but also can bear.

Keep the end of Jackson’s master is Chaling Yushan, one day riding on a donkey donkey’s feet into the bridge, the bridge cracks, Jackson fell back, suddenly feeling, recite a poem: “I have long been a God beads, giant work kept locked. At present as dust light, see the mountains and rivers of 10000.”

Guardian like this poem, firmly back. One day, he went to visit the Zen master.

We will ask him: “you are the master when the bridge fell back suddenly enlightened largest discount jerseys, I heard that he made a wonderful poem, do you remember?”

Keep the end completely recite it without thinking. When he had finished his work, he would laugh for a while, then he got up and went away. Keep the end stunned, can not think of what reason. The second day early in the morning, he went to the square, asked him why he was laughing.

We will ask: “you see yesterday that in order to show the evil clown?”

“I’ve seen it.”

And you will say, “you’re not even a little bit of them.”.”

The guard listened and said, “what do you mean?”” Fang said, “they like to laugh, but you are afraid of being laughed at.” After listening to a defensive end, on the spot open.

If you can’t accept a laugh, you will be more critical and aggressive. If you can’t stand the pain in your life, your pain will be long.

In fact, all circumstances of life, we are learning lessons; people can at times, but not necessarily nfl jerseys free shipping in prosperity. A person will use what kind of state of mind, in the face of their own environment? It depends on his “patience” time doing enough. Make a heard of 10 to 20 years in prison, it is said that many are filled with hate out of prison; so, after his release often become aggravated, commit more crime. In the Buddhist sutras, “patience” the meaning is very rich. Setbacks, combat is to endure, success and happiness must endure; adverse to, Shun also to suffer. However, the so-called “subject”, not passive acceptance, but a positive attitude, the situation beyond the transformation, so that they can learn from the growth opportunities. Most people have grievances psychological setbacks, however, is always indignant; because of resentment Nanxiao suffering too, as the shadow follows the form. If the face of combat to exercise their own disposition character, even the people who fight against you as you affect the Bodhisattva, you thank him for training and improving their own opportunities, there is no resentment, naturally do not feel pain.

There are a number of mentally retarded children’s parents said, after a long time, they have been able to take care of the children’s hardships and tribulations, and slowly realized that their hearts are open to the. They can accept the test of the mood of joy to bear, so even if outsiders, their situation is miserable, but they enjoy as if it were malt sugar. In the face of adversity, he limped along, you can accept this truth; and in everything, even when you are successful in the official career insults “, it is not easy to understand I’m afraid. The “horseshoe Chunfengdeyi disease, every day to see Changan flower”, many people can work hard in self motivation, frustrated when they once proud, loose, lost demeanor dizzy with success, and the evil soon followed. So to be successful, to endure, to endure the joy.

You can become nba jerseys for sale a personal humiliation, devoid of ideal fire water, also can become a successful person hard drive. To know that humiliation is a bad thing, but it can be a good thing. Psychologists believe that: there are three spiritual sources of energy – the driving force of creation, the driving force of love, oppression, discrimination, the driving force of the reaction. The humiliation is a kind of spiritual oppression, it is like a whip and spur you courage, Fen ran before.

I remember a philosopher once said, no matter how learning, as in his humiliation when learn quickly, profound and lasting. Humiliation make people learn to think, to experience prosperity can not feel things; it makes people more deeply to contact with reality, to understand society, promote people thought to be sublimated, and thus open up a broad road to success.

Good at learning from humiliation, it is an important factor in the achievement of performance.