Graduated three from china free shipping years, I took Efforts to make supply cheap nfl jerseys a marriage certificate, for three city life. This year, 26 years old.Last month, I just quit my job. A friend of the news, very surprised: you so quickly become a housewife?I don’t have that kind of life. Although I can create such a condition, but I am not the queen mother.

I want to talk about myself.

Every time I go to the office for an interview, I will be asked the same question: you are studying English major, why did you take an examination of CPA (certified public accountant)?

I will answer with a smile: because I do not know what the age, choose a professional is not suitable for their own.

I failed in the college entrance examination, was sent to the English major.

When I was at school, one day, I suddenly found that, not English, English can still cheap nfl jerseys china be said very well. But after four years, in addition to speak English, what can I do?

That moment, I was in a panic. English is just a tool, not a technology. Of course, this is just my personal idea.

I often say a word, is with the K516 of a conductor of the eldest brother to learn – people in rivers and lakes, there must be a skill near the body.

Where is the technology of my body?

I can’t afford to eat young rice, I must face the reality that the woman is old quickly, dead slow, must give oneself to look for a job that is more and more valuable. So, after several times, in an accidental opportunity, I heard that the CPA – Certified Public accountant.

That is what kind of certificate, is a kind of career, I have never really learned. So, in many cases, ignorant, fearless.

I decided to take an examination of, first of all against the family. They think I’m worthless. I should learn English well, take an examination of the research, when a teacher what. I admit, it’s a good choice for any girl.

But sometimes I may not be a girl, but a girl. When you are afraid of life to torture you, you can torture yourself, so you can not feel the life of torture.

Who knows, this test, that is, four years. I gave cheap jerseys china it my best time.

The book so thick, so strange words, without any basis, I feel like an ant, gnawing on a towering trees.

Don’t understand is a kind of lonely. Sometimes it makes you mad.

I have countless times in a variety of examination forums search experience sharing posts: it is said that it is difficult, it is difficult to be a rare; it was said, simple, read it over and over again.

Look, I feel funny. So, I never visited those sites.

All these years, I have only used a simple story to inspire myself – a pony across the river. I’m not Buffalo, not the squirrel boy. I always hope that if the will of God,cheap nike jerseys china rib wings, that a fall in one hundred and eight thousand is a good thing, now think what are as down-to-earth.

I am a page and a page of the book, a one to do. I see, I know, I’m not afraid.

A few days ago, my husband met some problems in his work. When talked to each other, and I said such a thing to him: you earn more now than you encounter many problems. Because we are young, even the failure of the capital are not, let alone lost what. Some people, we think he is very powerful, what problems can be solved, that is he born? Of course not. That’s because he has had a lot of problems. An industry, a field has so many problems, in the end are similar, you say, he is not easily solved?

I agree with the remarks made by mr..

After I think, and I say this is what to do? Probably because I do it, do more, similar to the title.

2009, summer, I rode the car to the top of the hot sun to Jilin Normal University library reading – that year, after a accounting.

In 2010, a senior at the school, looking for work, every day carrying a more than and 700 page more than and 100 words of the book under the bus subway when I was busy that day was not at all, I told myself, one day you do not go down, go so heavy books back to it — that year, the economy a method.

In 2011, I found the work of the accounting firm with the two door and the ignorance of the audit work. I do not know the balance sheet, do not know the order of the audit report, do not know what is the pumping test certificate. The first time I travel to form a stack of EXCEL do not know where to start, work overtime to 11 pm, back to the hotel to sit on the bed first is crying for half an hour, and then wiped away tears, Baidu side side of the Internet, fill out the form until the morning of that year, after an audit.

In 2012, after the Spring Festival, in the support of Mr., I decided to quit my job at home reading notes. We are in Hangzhou, or. Every day, he went to work, I’m a man carrying a bag to Zhejiang reading, who do not know the day, no one to speak. Familiar with my people know that I am a social creature, but that in the first half of the year, I appreciate what is lonely. In order to improve efficiency, I can only adhere to the school every day – that year, over the tax law, financial cost management, corporate strategy and risk management three.

That evening, sir. And I see the results of the moment, but cried, not like the pole