Just now you have Each life brisbane heard the New Oriental 3 younger lions jerseys numbers wonderful teachers speech from them, especially from the grave and Zhang Zhuo two teachers there, we can see a man with his physical appearance and highly successful without any relationship. We always grow in the attention of their own should not focus on things, and should focus on things we never pay attention. We focus our attention on the appearance, our university is good, our family is concerned about money or no money, concerned with money and status of human occupation of social resources, but we never pay attention to how to grow. When we forget that we should not pay attention to things, and really pay attention to what should be concerned about the time, is the beginning of our lives and growth.

A person’s fate changes to keep up with what school does not matter, with family conditions does not matter, and appearance looks more no relationship. So, we have to accept the fact that you can not change. No matter you are tall or short, whether you look fat or thin, please remember that this is the father and mother to your life. Every life in this world will live a different feeling, so, you do not care about other people’s feelings, only care about your own feelings. And we care about other people feel, there will be such a mentality, that is, we always want to see from the eyes of others our own value. We often say, other people see me is a wimp, the result is not good, the family is very poor, the eyes of others to see how I. When you live in someone else’s eyes, you’ll never be yourself supply replica nhl jerseys. So, the first step we have to do is to forget the vision of others, because only forget the vision of others you can grow up.

I was in Peking University for five years is a very painful experience, and later I made a summary, is that I always look at other people’s eyes. Because I was admitted from the countryside into Peking University, and continuous test for 3 years, very low self-esteem. Admitted to the moment I was very excited, but when I went to Beijing University later found himself a man so soil. The founder of New Oriental is a lot of my classmates, they talk still call me “farmers, wood louse”. But today I have looked less soil, after 30 years of wind and rain, the vicissitudes of life has obscured my rustic, but my heart is still very simple, because I always believe that “the soil persistence is the ocean of victory”. When I entered Peking University did not have such a mind, because people need time to grow.

When I arrived at Peking University I have a touch of pride, because our class 50 students will be divided into three classes to learn, I was assigned to the A class, because my English scores close to full marks. But after less than a month, I was transferred to C class, C class called pronunciation, intonation and hearing impaired class, very tragic. A person to find a foothold, for example, in front of the class if you Nothing is right., you will look down on their own, but if you have a more powerful, even if the other hand you will have a little laid the foundations of confidence. Please remember, in the University, we must put their training into is the first one in the class in a certain aspect, this is not necessarily the learning achievement, can play soccer and basketball, swimming, singing and dancing. All in all to have the same is better than the surrounding students, so laid a foundation of self-confidence.

In Peking University, I found myself in which direction is no way to break, whether it is reading, or sports. I realized later that I had to learn. But my IQ is very general, I grew up to find anything I want to achieve the same achievements as other students, must jerseys nhl at best discount spend half to double the time. For example, to recite the text, others 10 times it back out, I want to read 30 times to back out, but I can get back out and remember what time more long, because the number of times you on one thing and time spent in memory, with your memory is proportional to the length of the. But when I was in Peking University, in the same time, with my classmates basically no way to compare, so to sophomore, my academic performance ranked fifth in the class.

After entering the University, in addition to reading there are many other things to do, one of the important thing is to fall in love. But I never dared to pursue any of our class girls, I was in love for the first time in Peking University is already two years after I graduated from Peking University, that is, exactly after 7 years in Beijing university. Why do you want to stay for 7 years? Because I was in Peking University unfortunately read 5 years. Why read for 5 years? Because it is the third time depressed mood, a little depressed from this I have to speak with the students, is my every moment every day in comparison with around the students, more than the feeling sorry for yourself. A person is most afraid of two states, one is you have so high, but you see yourself so short, when you see yourself as such a short time, filled with a heart full of inferiority, inferiority of people never see their own advantages, and can be very cheap authentic nhl jerseys sensitive even a look, someone will think you are malicious or despised their feelings; and a man was so short, but he must see yourself so high, this is too much pride and arrogance.