A psychologist said: “Dream height bills when a person is really infant jerseys chairman ready to meet a thing, this thing will show his face.” This is a call, a heart of the arrival, this is to make people try to get close to a kind of who can not stop the power.

Wang Shi, chairman of the domestic well-known enterprises Vanke Group, was diagnosed by the doctor, if the condition continues, his lower limb may soon be paralyzed. One day in the recuperation period, and he suddenly had a very strong idea to go to Mount Qomolangma.

So he walked through the rain and mud, three days after the truth to the foot of Mount Everest. Looking at the white capped peaks, he thought, I must have some professional training Caixing ah. That day, he just met the coach of the Chinese mountaineering team, he asked his guide. The coach readily agreed and guided him to practice. His dream trip had begun. Soon he boarded the Mount Everest jade, then boarded the 10 mountain peak, including Africa and North America Kilimanjaro snow peak Mckinley snow. After that, he followed the national mountaineering team really climbed the Mount Everest. On the way, he met for the two time of hypoxia, chest tightness like going to explode, but he is tenacious, on a steep slope, and snow nest pinmingdiwang on climbing. To the summit, will have a precipice. This is for him, is undoubtedly his death experience. However, in the face of the cliff, he was calm, he is a little bit with amazing perseverance over the gate of life and death. Finally standing on the breeze, with both hands the flag, like holding a flame, standing on the roof of the world.

I think Mount Everest is at his feet when he really decided to go to Mount Everest. Sometimes the height of a person’s mind is the height of his dream. He was 50 years old, he used a feat, told us: “the dream of life is to start from the age of fifty or sixty.”

Coincidentally, the dream girl’s story, also make the person’s heart to shake.

Her early loss of his father and mother. 17 years old, not on the end of the middle school on the back of the school in jerseys china factory the food stalls to wash the dishes. Every day looking at the crowds of children carrying board came from the front of her, she was envious. One day, sitting in the stalls on the school principal said his school to a dustman and she said she wanted to try. The headmaster agreed. After she became a sister school in clean. The students walked, she would pick up the waste paper on the ground, with a clean eraser, secretly painting in the bedroom. A painting is more than a year. A chance, the president found very thick wad of drawings in her bedroom, ask know she is painting. He felt good, take it to let the professional teacher review one or two. The answer is not unique but bold brushwork painting, professional training. So she does not want the school’s wages, only ask the school to let her finish the work can listen to the teacher in class. The school promised. So she worked 8 hours a day, 5 jerseys different color hours to sleep, 11 hours painting. In October 2010 she was telling his mother attended the art college entrance examination was passed by the Sichuan Academy of fine arts professional examinations, but because of cultural lessons only junior high school level, not admitted. She decided to have to cram school better art. She studies every day until two or three at night, so, on this day in February 26, 2011, she ended up with a score of 556 points, was admitted to Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University. This is the fine arts examinee tens of thousands of dreams, and the difficulty can only use the “cream of the crop” to describe. And this is the dream of Tsinghua University, so that a clean sister into a reality. She, called Deng Xuan, 22 years old.

Whether it is Wang Shi, or Deng Xuan, their dreams jerseys Free Shipping are different, but the persistence of their dreams and insist that superhuman perseverance, the long road dripping pain, is absolutely the same. They used a phenomenal will, tenacity of feet and hands, we created two amazing feats: a written on the top of the peaks, a painting in the white paper.

In reality, there are a lot of people who are like them. They have ever had or far or near, or big or small dreams, but the real realization is not much. Because there is too much noise or storm in life, often will these fragile dream a blow out. These two dreamers are so thrilling, so decisive, final stand in the height of their dreams.

One can never despise one’s dream, the dream is the walking stick of our life. No matter how far the road ahead, how high the mountains, as long as you are strong, the dream will always lead you, come to the height it should be, because the dream is always the height of our life, but also the height of our soul.