Dolphin safetys ryszard Jones in the 49ers jerseys smith game injured shoulder season basically huashangjuhao.

Worried about the jerseys smith occupation safety dolphin bowl ryszard Jones shoulder win in Pittsburgh Steelers game rotatores tear. I try not to let myself think about it, I just try to play as much as I can. As I have always said, I want to be a great player, I feel very lucky to see what happened, I feel really lucky. Thanks to the Chinese fans for me, I am the best player to prove myself. I don’t care if I get 50 points. If Monday’s confirmation is confirmed, Jones’s season could be over.

Kobe said: This is not important, some fantastic things often happen NBA, this is just one of them. Even if the world abandoned me, at least I have! Love me or hate me, both must have one. As the backbone of the dolphin defense group, Jones thinks he is the jerseys smith league’s best safetys. It’s hard to argue with the performance of his past two years.

All the way. Love me or am I by your choice, this is life. Some people hate my game, I hate the arrogance, hate my fadeaway, hate the game I was crazy, I hate the total champion ring…… But there are also a lot of people like me, the reason is the same as those who hate me. Last season, Jones is the only one League won at least 5 sacks and 100 tackles players. He has the ability to kick off a defensive line near the ball and have the ability as the last line of defense.

After just 4 games in the game, the pressure and the challenge, all the negative things are the catalyst for my success. In order to win the jerseys smith game, to what I can do, whether it’s sitting on a bench to a teammate towel handing a cup of water or hitting the game winning shot execution. Coach Adam – Gus put Jones and may enter the hall of fame safety Blaine Dawkins for comparison.

Everything I do right now is to make it more perfect. I don’t know how long it takes to get brilliant, I just want to be the jerseys smith best player I can be. We have the 49ers jerseys sports authority heart of a champion. “Can’t play games, watching TV at home is really too much for me.” Kobe said, “as I watched on tenterhooks, I could not sit and watch the team play.” Since Jones from the beginning of last season is the league’s best Qiang Wei, if his team a little better he could have selected the best lineup of A.

If he is out for the season, no matter who will replace him in the game is a huge decline in strength. In the future, the dolphin defense team will be more likely to be overrun by the star of the opponent. I don’t want to be surrounded by his halo forever. Set the goal of the training in place will never fail, but still want to meet you will feel tired, hesitant, and even the degree of frustration, but you must not give up, because the victory will not be a miracle, there is a genius just born from the conviction.