I graduated this year do not take other people’s standards to for 25 years, I define bengals replica jerseys graduated in 1989, it is a year full of history, we have been lucky or unlucky to catch up with such a special year.

I was very happy that year. When entering the 1989, I have a few months before the practice has been fruitful. I am in China Radio International Overseas Chinese Department, the first month of 1989, the teacher told me that you have no problem, we want you, leave it. At that time looking at other students are still looking for work, I feel that my work is set, I feel very happy.

Home had a very successful year. Back in March, suddenly received a notice of the international platform, the Ministry of radio and television issued a policy this year, the International Taiwan does not recruit Chinese editor, I blew. So, all of a sudden feel very good prospects for blowing. Not every two days, I bought a hard seat train to go to Guangzhou to go to Guangzhou, the Pearl River radio interview, alone. However, the first day afternoon, the Department received a call from the Central People’s radio station, and asked you bengals reebok jerseys still have not come to our internship students, we want to see. Department know I have been in the international station, it is recommended me. So the frustration of failure gave birth to my new opportunity.

I have no reason to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station internship is my evaluation about the possibility, I went to Taiwan International left higher, and the possibility of the Central People’s broadcasting station is low, so I chose the international station, but did not think this International Taiwan failed, I got Chinese radio call.

Don’t believe in life forever.

I have been telling a joke, I said I lost the fight dad may. Others fight father, he must jerseys different color have a father, my father in my 8 years old, died in 1976, my mother raised me. My brother graduated from Minzu University of China, then called the national college, my brother bought the original shares, now the two colleges are called university.

My first choice is the University of Beijing Broadcasting Institute, second volunteers is the Wuhan University, the third is the Peking University. They all had a sense of shame when I finished my jerseys direct supply volunteer at Peking University that day. Admitted to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, a colleague asked my mother, where the children test? “Beijing Broadcasting Institute”, the colleague slightly embarrassed to say that you have to go to Beijing? Do not believe that life is always in the fight father, to believe that more positive things, at least I was an example of a way, I did not send a penny gift, I do not come here?

Why do you define when you are more than and 20 years old, a job is good or bad?

When it comes to employment, it is a comprehensive concept, and life must be anchored together. Someone has just said, employment is not difficult, a good job is difficult, I would like to ask, what good? Why do you define it at the age of more than and 20, and it is a good time to take someone else’s standard. I was assigned to the Central People’s broadcasting station, because of that particular situation, when I reported on August 15th, and told me that you were fired. A year later, just give me a work permit, we went to Fangshan to exercise a year. A year later returned to the central station to get a work permit, I wholeheartedly want to go to the post is the “news and newspaper digest”, that is the Central People’s broadcasting station first brand, at 6:30 every morning.

I am learning the news, I am familiar jerseys Free Shipping with this position, I wholeheartedly want to do this program. However, the Ministry of personnel, people looked at me very embarrassed, I guess 15 jobs have to guess the new jobs for me, for I put in a number of elderly people is relatively marginalized “broadcast news” China, let me go to the schedule table.

Extremely depressed! I think my news story has vanished from this! This is not the job I want, I want to leave, but at that time it is very difficult to want to leave, that is in 1990. But I rejoice and thank you for my own point is the first day of work, I came to the newspaper, sitting in the morning is in pain and despair, I made one of this life the greatest thing that day at noon, ran across the bookstore and bought a newspaper editor of the book, I put it finished. Do not like it, it is necessary to seriously face the arrival of the work, which is like falling in love, you have to be careful. This may be a bitter, but I still have to face it seriously.

No matter what jerseys different size kind of work seriously face

It is because of me to the newspaper, not my love of the Department, I have a lot of time, bored, is the most extravagant time, I don’t know how to spend it.

Second years, Beijing people’s radio presenter recruitment, I idle is idle, go, move on. There are a lot of leisure time, their work is boring, anyway, because this newspaper, newspapers are old editor, I quickly became the main. Just to the first half of the year, I was leading fancy, coming to a young man, I became the main page editor. May I ask you to go to the big news? Never possible. But it is because I have great reuse, I began to have a lot of time to write articles published in this newspaper, although no money, but to have a sense of achievement. There are people around to see. Our newspaper paper is particularly good, packet fish meat does not seep. Gradually more and more people to see, began to have a certain little word of mouth, I have become two years later