would like to become a tree, do not go with the grass. In the short term, the bills authentic jerseys grass growth rate of grass and trees compared to the grass is certainly growing obviously, but a few years later, the grass for a few dial, but the tree is still a tree. So this world only trees, trees, grass, grass is not ancient. To do business, it is not the speed of the moment, but the long-term development of force.

2, truly unique, in the invisible place. At first I looked at the trees, only about the shape of the tree crown is not good-looking, and later began to pay attention to the trunk, and now I will pay more attention to the roots, because only the root is unique. Great companies are often imitated, but it is difficult to be beyond, because you can see its products, services, and even technology, but can not see its cultural values.

3, in the same direction, Xiangyang growth. The branches of a tree grow in the direction of the sun, they will continue to grow. Both large companies or small teams, the force is in the same direction, only to see the best results.

4, respect for each tree’s nature. A good gardener is not able to turn any tree into what you want, but to respect every tree’s nature, so that the most suitable to play the foliage. Each tree has its own inner strength, the branches of a long cut it out, just like “let an aspiring people play just one opening up”, will make it at a loss. People, there is only a small. Managers’ responsibility is to give them the most appropriate jerseys china factory location and development space, so that they play the greatest capacity.

5,jerseys different color branches and leaves do not cross, there is space. Not to their own preferences to trim the branches and leaves, does not mean not to trim the branches and leaves, this, I have two principles: first, do not cross. The tree like branches crossing conflicts, thus affecting the development of best selling new york giants jerseys unpleasant. Second, there is space. Tree to grow reasonable, to have the sense of beauty, be sure to leave enough room for growth. Enterprise management, how is it not like this?

Conclusion: between the poor and the rich, we can cheap jerseys online choose. The choice of mediocre perfect or outstanding advantage, will determine the height of your life. Billionaires will never use limited time to pursue the perfect. A shortcut to success is to find your advantage as soon as possible, then the infinite focus, let oneself become irreplaceable person in a field.

The word “feel” is used very well. Am I a poor man or a rich man? This is not entirely an objective mathematical proposition, it is better to say that more close to a subjective feeling. Some people think that the annual income of more than million, also from the financial freedom never; others clearly owes a debt ass (investors), but feel with gold and silver. In this world there are millions of deposit qionggui, also has the president handed residential rental housing eat lunch. And we usually think, a person is not as simple to increase his wealth or income ability, you can come to a “grass root” hat away, for “gaoshuai rich” a gilded signboard. Feel the transformation of another mystery.

I asked him “how can I earn” feeling is how to come out.

“The plain truth ah: I was a month’s salary is more than 20 thousand, not project commission. At that time, even if it is very able to earn