“The hardest job Do not believe in the history, a large number black packers jerseys youth struggle of college graduates in July 1st near the school season, the work is still unfunded. See the home rich dad peers, a graduation to enter the business management or get entrepreneurial funding, then hear the individual employer carrot recruitment news, unfair sense of breeding from the bottom of my heart. A discouraging, no matter how hard is useless, good work is not the children of a poor family. Some people sigh, class curing serious upward flow is fantasy. Network, in reality, many people said, no longer believe in struggle”.

Do not believe in struggle, but also believe what? “A man born with a silver spoon” is a minority in any country at any time. The vast majority of ordinary family children, if you want to have a better life, to achieve greater development, change their lives, the most reliable, and even the only magic, only struggle.

No struggle may be nothing. And so on, not to work, and so do not come to the development of the opportunity, and finally often only to “gnaw old”. Blindly blame others, is football jerseys online wasted their precious time, the real opportunity, easy to lose due to the lack of preparation. Faced with youth employment problems, the state has developed a package of policy measures, for the first time clearly to difficult families of college graduates to ensure employment, and stressed the need to promote employment equity. Under the premise of market led employment, so the policy has been called on college graduates to do the best possible care. Even for college graduates jobs, have to face the same competition, as to get through individual efforts.

“The struggle was not used, the upward channel already sealed” — on the Internet recently an essay like this cause “. Upward mobility of the difficulty in the moment may become larger, can be said to seal, in addition to their own give up, others can not do. In the process of employment, unfair and unfair things have occurred, urgent need to vigorously correct. However, the employer will eventually use, research institutes need to dive into the talented personnel, the hospital needs to understand the professional hardworking young people, college graduates enterprises need courage, positive business development…… Job seekers own talent and ability is always the key factor considered by the employer, who did not want to recruit a number of background incompetence. Enter the society at the beginning failed to find an ideal job, also not equal to struggle useless, life from dim. The recent hit movie “China partner” trailer, show that success since the reform and opening up the image: the nba jerseys for sale founder of New Oriental, Ma Yun, “old godmother”…… At first there may not be a usual sense of “good work”, and ultimately rely on is still relentless struggle. In recent years, the employment of college graduates has been facing great difficulties, many students have the same sureness, has taken the pace of business, run your own life with the struggle.

Stressed the power of struggle, not to say that society has no responsibility, the problem is in the personal concept. In real life, the starting point is unfair, unfair opportunities, unfair rules do exist. This should attach importance to economic and social sectors of all inequalities, smooth upward flow channels. Comprehensively promote the equalization of public services, do not let the children of a poor family behind at the starting line. To break the monopoly industry and the power sector employment barriers and prevent inbreeding coefficient to achieve the employment equity as much as possible. Deepen the reform of income distribution system, through reasonable arrangement of the system, so that workers sureness to accumulate wealth more, let nike nba jerseys top quality the “hard-working rich” has become the laborer can touch, and can realize the fact that.

Smooth upward channel significant. But no matter how the channel, will not be straight. Fair access to a good university, does not mean into the safe. Fair access to good work is not necessarily a good future. Everyone has an opportunity to rise, not everyone must rise. At any time, the struggle is life background.