You do not force a job do it with wholesale nike nfl jerseys you love free shipping to usa yourself, but many people are forced to make you involuntarily deviate from their willingness to choose. You suddenly realize that the more you grow up, the more you grow up, the more you grow up, the more you can’t be true to yourself. But you do not know, your economic independence, independent thinking, the sound of the limbs, but why not decent to do their own?

First, the face of secular ideas, you have to become their own Warriors

Chinese, childhood is the whole body “, by the parents, afraid to damage, beginning of filial piety.” And so on the bondage of the filial piety. So, our parents are good at doing a lot of choices for us, in the face of any choice, we only have the right to know but very few options.

This state will probably continue until you reach adulthood, you have cheap jerseys nfl mlb their own is not the concept of life, you think you can do yourself, but you will still find that you are surrounded by numerous secular concepts.

First of all, to talk about our work. As a 80, our parents still believe that working within the system Hanlaobaoshou, stable and comfortable. There is little relationship whenever they will try to find a general solution we are working within the system, but no one ever really care about you, in the end for what to do.

I have a cheap jerseys nfl nike friend who is a typical engineering man, he love dealing cheap jerseys nfl from china with figures and formulas, but not good at words, also cannot deal with a little more complex the traditional code of conduct. Graduation that year, he was in the parents of the high expectations of the local civil servants, so, in the face of the design institute to his olive branch thrown, he can only choose to give up.

Other people’s eyes should have a life of ease of him, in fact, not happy. He will not write the document, do not know how to face a scheming colleague and love talk around a lot of bending leadership. So, seven years of work, he did not have any chance of promotion, not to thirty of his hair began to lose hair.

Of course, he was at ease but not happy, he gave up his dream of being a scientist, but without a dream of life will become meaningless. He often drunk into tears, holding his won the national Olympiad competition first prize medals, but later, he can continue in the office, holding the tail of a man.

“Official” concept of the impact of countless generation Chinese. The face is not suitable for stable work, many people choose to forbear as my friend. Then, a life of mediocrity, melancholy, they live in many people’s eyes, they live in these unreasonable secular ideas, their lives are not their own, they did not dare to follow your heart, without hesitation, they will only sigh.

“Nest out of Golden Phoenix” is to Phoenix man, female peacock is certainly the largest. Live in the nest of the fathers, a lifetime to raise their children bear bitter hardships, once their children cheap jerseys nfl flew out of the valley, they hope they can soar, until one’s family back to worship.

Even parents of the two or three tier cities often want to send their children to the big cities to work and live in the city. The parents grew up with “good man” of the old teach us. Of course, the big city is not good, compared to the small city, we can enjoy the high quality education resources, medical resources and the delicacy and nightlife scene of debauchery. Most people break the scalp to the big cities, and not to consider whether you can accept the pressure from the metropolis.

Stay always mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore brave life, stay in the big city in their diligent and persistent efforts, in a few years later, they bought a house, a car, which belongs to his family of three, the outcome of this course is to the satisfaction of all. But it is undeniable that more people are burdened with the pressure of diversiform – high prices, increasingly fierce competition, cautious everywhere in life, many people dream of annihilation in the face of reality. They are often inaccurate, occasionally to parents complain that life in the big city, small city will want to return to the expression, their parents will still be mercilessly rejected. They will criticize your fear of hardship, they do not know, you took the meager wages, a month eating bread; they will educate you do not know how to cherish the opportunity to stay in the big city, they do not know that around you is more than you are calculating and connected colleagues; they will complain that you don’t please understand, they do not know, you do your master a month.

So, with this word, never just stay on the surface, without the experience you experienced in life, everyone can use highfalutin reasons to persuade you to stay, stay, you have to work harder, until you have to repeat a dead beat, the inertia of your life.

The most terrible is the face of love, you are more and more do not have the courage to pursue. At the age of twenty when love people, you can be careless with to pursue, at the age of thirty met at first sight, you will be hesitant and indecisive.

You are not only afraid of losing you, more afraid of not equal. No, we said so many words, but the understanding of it is still stay on the surface. The real match each other values, outlook on life, view of consumption, rather than each other’s family have equal status and wealth.

Carefully think, why do you complain that you do not have to accept the side of love