The company’s profit Company employees have margin reached 80%, the company always liked best cowboys jerseys to get also saved a lot of money in the account, I finally paid to my own 1 million knives. The company’s valuation in the primary market is about 2-3 times the annual sales, that is, between 100 million -1, $500 million (up to now). I have confidence in two years of our sales to reach $300 million, so the company’s valuation of $1 billion is also a matter of time. Now I can tell myself I’m back in the crowd of 1%. This time I want to keep it all the time.

I know the worst pen to write too long, but the following are a few lessons I learned from their own. If you want to be 1% of the nouveau riche, you must do the following:

1, firm and indomitable. Learn to overcome your fears. Perhaps I was lucky, because I was born in the “Cultural Revolution” of the late, it is full of chaos and destruction of the day. Maybe God bless me, let me not love naturally rebellious, contempt of all authority, too observant of conventional standards., if in the traditional conservative Asian society, these qualities will make my life in a complete mess. But I was lucky, I left.

I mean, when I was young, I went through a lot of personal problems, lack of security and stability, so I already have some habits. It was the experience that made me realize that most people are fearful, and irrational fears. What happens when you’re scared? You will retreat, you will be conservative, you will hesitate, you will delay. Worse, you can see the problem is even more paranoid, and even began to be full of extreme resentment. You’ll start to miss the chance, you’ll be a prisoner of your mind. So when you are afraid to do something, ask yourself, what can I lose?

In many cases, you have nothing to lose, in addition to the heart began to speed up, in addition to the face began to have a fever, in addition to your self-esteem is a little blow. When you learn to face these absurd fear, you will soon realize that most of the people around you are living in this stupid fear. So if you really want more than most people, you do not need to rely on the color value, you do not need money, you don’t need to have a better education, you only need to most of us have the qualities of courage, tenacity, thick skinned enough. Your time is passing by, so hurry!

2, to. Don’t be as silly as me.

3, learn how to make money, not how to save money. You’ll never save your money. That doesn’t mean you have to spend money like a fool!

4, learn jerseys china factory to develop their own and companies. This means that the society for the sake of the company, to inspire others, learn to employ expert you do not do something. My company is full of staff, most of them don’t have the traditional sense of success. My sales Wang is a good example. Had it not been for their help, I couldn’t have had today.

5, continuous learning. I read 10-20 book with Kindle and audio books every month. I don’t know what better way to help me than to improve myself in addition to reading. We have no reason not to read, because there are so many books, and now the way to read so much. When I drive a car or do something, read the book “. I’ll speak to two times, so that I can digest a book in a few hours. About what kind of books I read – I have read only two books in the past 20 years.

6, from their own experience and previous success / failure to learn.

7, ask jerseys china factory “why””. Usually ask 5 “why” you can find the truth of the matter after.

8. Work with smart people. Learn to steal their ideas, they won’t mind.

9, in your ability to travel as much as possible, you will have a broader vision. Go and get your passport ready now!

In 10, the plight of laugh, more fun. Life can be hard sometimes, don’t feel like you’re unlucky, and even Bill jerseys supply center Gates has the same day.

11, do not feel that they are the victims, do not find an excuse. Because there’s no egg.

12. Learn a skill that can make money in a difficult situation. I cheap jerseys online can always make money on the stock, which makes me fearless.

13, find ways to resolve the pressure. When I feel that I can’t work, or do not want to face anything, I drove out of a long journey, alone. Luckily, I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, so I don’t have to go so far. My favorite place to go is death valley, a highway in the West Bank of the United States. I am also an activity in the sea kayak. When I am alone in the sea, nothing can make me feel the pressure. When I have money, I Wholesale jerseys authentic will be the one who listen to classical music in my meditation.

14, time is a good quality, it makes you always full of power. But it’s also a very annoying personality, so keep a good balance.

15, maybe you were not born A fighting spirit soars aloft. My brother and I are totally different, he just wanted to keep the mediocre, the struggle and success of my disdain. If you are not playing chicken’s personality, then learn to meet.

16, one of the reasons for the rapid development of the western United States in the past few centuries, because the first time in human history has recognized the “creative class”, entrepreneurs for the first time to retain their