Hao and friends Choose together walk the streets in the city, autumn night, slightly cold. Eternal light twinkling, fully reflects the city’s downtown. Wave ripple River from the dark head to another unknown head, unable to guess the cheep kids kc chiefs jerseys outcome, but fortunately the office and we look as bright as day. Hiroko will buy a house in the United States Free shipping river, the city is almost the most expensive of the lot. In the morning open the window overlooking the river as a mirror, a cloudless blue sky, warm sunshine, a day of good mood begins.

Stroll tired, then walk back to the neighborhood, there is a huge estate advertisement is golden searchlights very conspicuous. The slogan, “no lot, talk about what figure.” I smiled at Hao son, “you have room to buy here is to figure?” Hiroko laughs, “must, this year is not a little sorry ah, sentient beings.”

We from the back door into the Haozi neighborhood, walking in with cobblestone curved path, autumn has been particularly fragrant osmanthus. Hao poker-faced suddenly said to me, “buy here, as a result, from the company near; secondly, I have the economic ability. The most important, I grew up in the river, so now would like to live in the river.” I’m a little surprised to look back at him, his face sincere some people laughing.

Hiroko came to this city six years ago, all want to come into the world as a young kid, he must go through a badly battered era. It is a practice, and we do not blindly surrender to the world has been proved. Haozi just arrived in the city, with only a dilapidated suitcase, reluctant to live one hundred or two hundred dollars a night hotel, and had to come here looking for a group of young people dream of a small, crowded. He studied trade background, want to find a company with professional counterparts, will send resume, the interview round and round, but his record of a headache. He missed the famous university, he is just a second rate second rate school graduates. No matter how much he won the scholarship fill in your resume, can not easily open the door to well-known enterprises.

Look for opportunities during the day, at night to read, consolidate all kinds of business operation skills. Thirsty to drink water, hungry to eat instant noodles and Steamed Buns. Sometimes, before going to sleep, watching the water immersion moldy ceiling, will think of the mother had told him: “baby, you don’t suffer outside, at home to find a job for a stable life is good. I lived in this poor place all my life, compared to those in the city.” If he said, he did not lose heart in those days, not too realistic. Just after a few seconds of disappointment, with the expectations of the future life of the future sleep. Wake up, sky, suddenly on the life and work is full of unlimited enthusiasm. In the end, he found the most common clerk in a business, wages are not high, the job is not easy, overtime became the norm in his life.

There is an old employee once asked him, the company gave some money so that it is necessary so hard? Hao son doesn’t want to explain, just answered smiling, “I don’t have a girlfriend, not what hobbies do not work overtime, nothing to do, might as well stay company to do something. Slowly, some people become less love with Haozi play, think he’s heavy, as shown. But the child is as always, how to. Hao Zi once said to me, he never believe how much money do many things principle, after all in a position to muddle along a few years, seemingly revenge revenge boss, actually all their own should have a better life. There is no room for improvement, for the average person is in the comfort zone.

Hao son promoted very quickly, soon became a business executive, and then to the Department in charge. He is going to melt into the city, let his mother know, born, never in the future to determine a person’s social status, all with rhetoric are not responsible for their own life. Hao son in that company for five years, although the salary is not low, but finally resigned. After a very good foreign companies to seek a position, everything from scratch, everything to fight.

Now, over the past year, this year I contacted him less, but I can see, at night, even when the rest of the street soon, he will suit on the shoulder, dragged his exhausted body to go back to the rest of the soul place. His face some weakness, but his eyes who are clear, clear enough to see all the hopes. Wood after graduation, want to work in the bank, so I do not know the number of ready to go all the way, finally reached the final round of tests. Analysis of the situation, the wood’s own conditions in the finalists are outstanding.

Just a few days later, she was told to defeat. As for the reason, is a person who participated in the recruitment for a long time to talk with her, the election of a few have played a good greeting. Wood said, know the news that moment, she was really angry a moment. But it is just a moment, she was aware of, but he was not a useful background, congenitally deficient, can only rely on, to make up for the day after tomorrow. If all the disappointments are attributed to the background is not deep, poor family conditions, it is self deception.