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Only the older, heavy life mission has been removed, the joys of life has also been clear, the world of mortals has been moved to the Cardinals Jerseys Black distant, quiet Zhou Ji environment and gradually slow down the rhythm of life constitute a summary and induction of mild harmony, the artistic conception of the poem appeared.

A person will cry, because of the pain; a person is pain, because care about; a person’s care, because there is a feeling; a person is feeling, only because you are a person! So, you have the Cardinals Jerseys Black feeling, care, pain, tears, and that you are complete can not be a complete person. Sorry, forgive yourself, just one person, there is no need to see themselves so indestructible.

People toss people, at the mercy of people, revenge, such ability, for thousands of years is really being honed to perfection. The main reason of reading is to get rid of mediocrity, one day more of a wonderful life; a day late one day plagued by mediocre. Is it easy to come to the world? Once met, easy to do? To call a friend, is it easy? Is still the Cardinals Jerseys Black phrase “learn to cherish, carefully.” All wounds are kept temperature, all temperatures are involved in pain, all the pain is calling for healing, all healing is retained reluctantly.

They just put down the history textbook, ever understand the historical connotation of desolation? They just talk about society, ever understand people’s simple needs? They proudly display culture, ever thought about the original mission of culture? The student’s historical mission on his shoulders, not fair. If on their side pressure side to make them into a pile of twisted shapes and sharp sound, this is us in the “Cultural Revolution” in the early morning saw the. A traverse lifelong moral are basically formed at a young age, but in the critical era, young people are exposed to positive agitation is always fighting for success, and success is always playing with exclusive, selfish. As a result, there are no wrinkles on the cheek of them, but in the moral character of the invisible black hole.

I see, the most beautiful moonlight hangs over the barren valley. I see, total friendships are the most intensive “friends” surrounded by the orphans. I see, the most numerous old sigh always to blame early friends. I see that the most solid alliance is mostly due to the interests of. I saw。 The most resolute separation is mostly due to emotional. I see, the most easy to settle is one hundred years of bloody. I can’t see, most digestion is half a sentence of discord. I see, the most vulgar friendship was surging wine soaked with the philadelphia eagles jerseys bubble more. I see, the most elegant friendship being ignorant of the Cardinals Jerseys Black crayons painted more light. I see, the first to the end of the bed is always the villain. I see, finally told the news always friends. Fake jewelry naive is the most brutal self spoil. Loneliness is not a kind of temperament, but a kind of helpless. In order to normal, do ordinary people, is the most taste of life.

You can remain silent, regardless of my worry; you can not return information, regardless of my anxiety; you can be my concern, say the reason you irritable; you can put my thoughts, lost in the corner of a contemptuous disregard. You can smile at other people, you can give someone a hug, you can be good to the whole world, but forget I always sad. You just like you, but that’s the only reason that makes me humble. Any culture of the community is not high, always do not understand their own cultural words to be in awe, it is this kind of fear by the use of a number of speculative literati. In Chinese, inside the 20 years of reform and opening up, the development of pseudo elite culture seems to have so several stages, the Cheap NFL Jerseys first stage is called false foreign devil stage, the second stage is the so-called denial of secular stage, the third stage is the stage with us.

Age shouldn’t be too much use, because it has a natural unfair and not contested, but once it has been exploited, the stale full age hegemony, that also is not afraid, I do not know what the local silver flash, suddenly appeared a can subdue their high god. Smoke dispersed, only the high God smile faintly in the sky, while the world, had a beautiful night. My world is a pair of hands to me a poem of the sacred. Then the high position, more wealth, more than in the disaster, time goes by, years of vicissitudes of life, his eyes, and staggered, became the aspect.