North American time the afternoon of September 18th, the new England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Gallo was the dolphin players hit the Baltic with a right shoulder in a game against the Miami dolphins games left in the Atlanta Falcons Nike Jerseys 2014 second quarter of 4 minutes and 20 seconds, allowing him to leave early.

After the game the Patriots did not provide the latest information on the injury. However, according to informed sources, the Baltic Garo acromioclavicular sprain and will receive daily check.

Insiders also said that although the possibility is very small, Aigo has not given up to play against Houston Gallo Baltic Dezhou Thursday night game of hope.

Who will serve as the new England patriots starting quarterback in the next game seems finally solved. According to the Boston local radio reported that the patriots would get Jimmy – as the next game against the buffalo Bill Garro polo match starting quarterback.

If indeed the Baltic Garo starting debut, the distance he sprain of shoulder after only 10 days. Although another quarterback Jacoby Blissett in the third week of the first game, his finger was injured in the game, which makes him unable to determine whether to play the next game. Two are listed in the injury list can not be identified.

In an interview Wednesday, Garo said: “in the baltic. Check every day now, nfl jerseys china try to play in the next game. Just want to get better every day, this is your only request. We’re really watching every day.” But look at this week’s training in the Baltic pass without painful caroline.

Of course, since we are talking about the patriot, until Garo Polo played before the quarterback position is not a foregone conclusion. In fact, the next game for patriot starter very confidential, which led to the Patriots in the buffalo Bill news conference of the first person to become a joke.

Now, Bill will finally no longer guess happy, because it will become the first Baltic caroline. And after the game won’t have to guess, Tom Brady will return.