NFL official website reporter Ian reported that he was recently appointed as the 49 people in San Francisco starting quarterback Colin Capet Nick and team reconstruction contracts — the new contract will remove the injury security income terms.Authentic Bears Jerseys Men “Well, that’s a good boy. Since this son can meet with me, also be regarded as a person. Well, I have something to send, if he really is a lucky person,

The new contract let Capet Nick can choose to jump out of the contract after the 2016 season. After the  reconstruction of the terms of the removal of about $14 million 500 thousand in 2017 injury and security income and the abolition of the original six year contract expires in 2020 last year, the last three years. Capet Nick’s contract is in fact a two-year contract.

The original contract into the squad the bonuses have been transformed into the form of foundation, maybe there will be a great opportunity to wait, if not, can guarantee his longevity.” The young man’s one eye can see the boy also has a spirit root in the body, although it is just an ordinary spirit root, Cheap NFL Jerseys but also let the heart of a move to say such words. If he played in half of the team’s offense this season, he could get a bonus.

The new contract will eliminate the risk that Capet Nick will have to test the free agent market in March next year, if he is at risk of injury and injury to the team this season.

Colin played football not only outstanding baseball is his strength. During the University Baseball throwing hand access to the identity of the North California athletes in high school honor title, more out of 148 kilometers per hour ball. He has also been evaluated as the most promising MLB player with the most promising MLB official website. The 2009 MLB draft, Colin was the Chicago cubs from forty-third pick away, but he eventually chose football! Played quarterback at the University of Nevada.