According to the latest news: NFL Hall of Fame coach, Chicago bears the legendary player and coach, Mike’s card in an interview, severely criticized the Capet Nick approach. “Of course I have an opinion on this, and I have an opinion on anyone who does not respect the country and the people of the country. If they do not love our country they would not love our national flag, then get out of it”

Capet Nick, in the National Anthem (the Star Spangled Banner Song) by his way to express the police prostitution black group behavior, especially the white police prostitution black group behavior.

I can’t respect Capet Nick. He may not respect me, this is his choice. I love the United States also respect the national flag. I don’t think we’re in a state of chaos.

ESPN has also been widely criticized in this matter. The key point of the criticism is “what does the media of sports media participate in this kind of politics”.

Recently, ESPN also made a statistics: Capet Nick in the United States has become the first to hate NFL players

The survey of 29% people hate Capet Nick, 22% of people do not love Winston, 21% people do not love Su fat, not love 13% people Brady, 10% people in love is not big

The following is how different people look at Capet Nick:

This and speech freedom does not have a half dime relationship. Capet Nick was walking to extremes.

You can have your comments on govnt, but the national opinion is another matter. Chinese understand how the United States and the country excusable, Govnt is not a concept can not understand the idiotic?

Capet Nick is an idiotic, nothing to say. I’m ashamed of this ID. You on his twitter to see it, and it was completely black activist sports leaders who have been. What are the advantages of the United States of America, because the case can negate everything? Black death, black himself because of crime to kill the proportion of blacks accounted for 99%, they are not more should self review?

Ditka does not forbid you to speak, including a lot of people are opposed to Capet Nick, adding “I respect his right of free expression, they are against the nick Capet let an innocent country by inexplicable blame.

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