2010, when a By doing something of high school teacher bills throwback jerseys 2016 on the Internet to find me, he said he made a inspirational network, hoping to exchange with my personal blog a link. Because often encounter this kind of situation, so in his “inspirational network” to send a IP, I declined the link request.

For the industry sensitive, I immediately on his website and keywords “he website inspirational” made a analysis of the word and the word was related to the long tail keywords, Baidu in the competition is very intense, and his “inspirational network” has been included, but almost no ranking, and his site is ASP BLOG program Z-blog, seems destined to do not, so I according to past experience, was sentenced to death on this site”.

One day in 2011, finishing in my personal jerseys china factory blog message, suddenly see the high school teacher’s message, the message he username is still his “inspirational website, I was surprised at his sudden, and curiosity again visited his website at his website thousands of articles, I was surprised to find that his website ranked surprisingly high.

In writing this blog, I can still see that his website is still updated every day, the site’s ranking is still surprisingly high. In the past to communicate with him, he had revealed his “success”, he said he was a high school teacher, are collected from the Internet, finishing some inspirational quotes, stories every day, and then posted on his website, for his students, and to inspire his students.

Maybe he is a good teacher respected by Wholesale jerseys authentic his students, but he insists on doing what he thinks is admirable to the students, and what he insists on is a valuable thing. Similarly, there is a middle school teacher to do the “left reading”, his “success” is to do something valuable.

Since then, exposed to more people, but also see more success stories, but often see some so-called successful biographies, always think of a word – insist on doing something worthwhile”.

All the time, are constantly thinking, what is the “value”, can make money? Can their own experience? Be able to attract the eye of it?

In consideration of a large number of “case”, slowly push the win, “the key premise of value”, is not the so-called “value”? What is “value”?

Divided into two kinds, one is to let their own value, such as harvest progress in study, increase in income, work and enhance the ideological progress and individual; another is to allow users to have value, let the user through your product, harvest joy, satisfaction, interest and hope, then jerseys different size the user can move, let the user know you and accept you, even active propaganda.

Always believe that only when others think you are worth, you really have a value, in order to make their own value, you must adhere to, as the “I struggled for 18 years before you sit together and drink coffee” said that, only insist on efforts to value.

My friend, are you doing or are you ready to do things that will be of value? Have you ever thought about it?

What, please insist on doing something of value!

Small make up:

May be a lot of readers guess, the article said inspirational network is inspirational life website, the high school teacher on me. The name is Xu Geer if the author of inspirational life today do a website analysis, some even more surprised, because the inspirational life more cow. I say this not to show off more Niubi, because I had no Niubi, if there is a point worth showing off, is always insist on. He will continue to adhere to the future!