Admission notice but also can not bear broncos yesterday received the blue jerseys 2016 you fool insisted Academy of Social Sciences, the thought will be excited to cry, but very calm, can be said to be happy, is also expected to write this diary is not just to share what postgraduate experience, just some thoughts the heart would like to share with you.

Know why doing is more important than knowing how to do it

Postgraduate success, not I prepared earlier than others, more efforts than others, not to mention what postgraduate experience, just more clearly why you want to do this. It is decided in 2 years ago, my undergraduate major is information management, graduate majored in international politics, a lot of people will say you do it, the professional span is so big, but also to test the best professional school. Well, for people who do not know their dream is to commit suicide, for those who dream in the dream. My dream is to be a dream diplomat, two years ago when it was discovered that this dream, then it seems too far, but once you know your destination, how to walk this road will slowly become clear. Selection and temptation senior facing too much, do not know the destination began to walk, is likely to get lost or return to the origin, it is in fact work, study or go abroad, there is no cheap jerseys online standard answer to all of the options, only you know which is the best option for you, know your dream, answer naturally in front of.

To dream of decompression

In my opinion, in the face of the dream “tiger” attitude is a must, ha ha, I am a tigress, so two years ago, dare to say I do Too Big for Her Skin diplomat, in fact not so distant dream, is not so terrible, how much time to frighten us not dream, but myself, how much time with yourself love the things we say “I can not on their own, not too probably, too hard”, these are shit, you do not, how do you know so many impossible dreams did not you think so Niubi, you never imagine a less idiot, if it is determined please stick to your dream, then, the idiot themselves because the dream become niubi.

To dream modification is to give yourself excuses

Just watched a period “to” post to post, see a girl when the hearts of the ideal is to do a dream host, but the choice of media lecturer, finally failed to exit, she is in the guest house, was brave enough to say the host’s dream, she is not good enough, nor is she not suitable for just to do over, she modified dream too much and let it become unrecognizable. I also give my dream is modified, thought of low risk small school exam difficulty, want Wholesale jerseys authentic to go the other way, will Qujingtongyou, are actually afraid of excuses. It is well known that the shortest line between two points is good to go in the direction of the dream, but please try to go straight line, the more curve the more accustomed to their fear to make excuses.

Live as are dying, and never stop you trying.

Said so much, in fact, not everyone knows what is your dream, know their true love what is difficult, I am also twenty several know what is love, a little experience, there are two problems, the more clearly you will know what you want, 1 who I am.? 2 what is the world like? With these two questions to live, one day life will give you the answer. In the face of like things, if you do not know is not their own dream, then ask yourself a question “this life will not regret it?”” If so, it is brave to pursue, every man dies, not every man really lives, just this once, crazy for myself!

No abandon people’s dream, only the people who abandon the dream

Find their own dreams, do not give up easily, the dream picked up and put down, then take up and put down, long, perhaps the dream will betray you. Failed once, there are second, the third chance, there will always be a success, but the dream gave up, it is not so easy to find back jerseys china factory. Our youth is bitter, not realistic dreams die easily, but the dream is still alive, we have died, not easy to find things, don’t give up so easily.

Like “old boy” in the words “dream this thing and classic, the longer the more precious,” young is the reason for happiness, because we have a lot of youth to interpret dreams.

Next talk about how these children’s first step in life is how to take, how the actual results. Sometimes these than I get along children for nearly 10 years old, really feel idealism everything is shit, only reality cannot contact reality.

University graduate, let alone senior, or some children.

Last February I received these children in our province is the best university, came to our unit, can be seen from these children are a famous 211 graduate students in key universities, but the composition of the hell is divided such several kinds:

A class of rural families, it is very hard to learn, very good in school, about more than and 20; there is a class of family county children, there are a dozen big city; then is called a dozen children, this is the time to see their data impression.