A few days ago and a brisbane broncos jerseys long time no ebay is name for hard work cousin to eat, he is still not the spirit of the appearance, he looked at the plate that a large piece of meat in a daze, I asked him something? For a while he said, I do not know how to do.My cousin six younger than me, high school because of poor grades to learn aerobics become the sports students, college entrance examination results in a complete mess no way on the sports college, only to learn animation design in a Xi’an college graduate, returned home to do a few jobs, selling products in the supermarket, doing secretarial in a small company doing campus activities for Nestle, but most of them died, later had a volunteer opportunity, South Hunan became the temporary executive agency.

This is what he can write into the resume of the learning process, when I eat, I asked him, do you know what their best? He thought, did not know. I ask you know what you want to do in the future? He said he didn’t know. I then ask, do you have any dreams and goals? He said he didn’t know. I said if you had an idea, you know what to do? He said cheap jerseys online impatiently, brother, you do not ask, I do not know.

Eat a meal is stuck in the middle atmosphere of embarrassment, cousin to French fries and ketchup stir together eat teeth, I think he was a bit unhappy, and I think he never said such a serious topic. Then I whispered, you have a goal, you must know how ah.

Cousin saw me, sighed heavily, I just don’t know what you want from the big brother, ballet, national level actors, every day around the world show, and now emigrated to Australia, is my big house and car. You are also so good, the TV broadcast every day you do advertising, books out of several books, do the program even my colleagues are listening. I am embarrassed to say with them that it is my two brother, I have what, my own pressure is also great.

I felt sad to hear these words, I said, if you put these into pressure on the bottom of my heart, it will only make you always quiet here, you have to do what you want, you want to take your chance, do more than others, no one is better than you, but he we know what you want to know what to do then.

Cousin wine drank it, put the glass down at me, brother, but I don’t know what I want, I also don’t know what to do. I like communication, but the light will speak what is the jerseys different color use of large companies will do? I also like to do as quietly as you do some programs, but I live where conditions are not allowed, there will be no software microphone. I love to write something, but I just write the junior level, write out all feel funny. I think I just can’t do anything, just be a nobody.

Listen to some of his despair, I was angry and helpless, there is a saying that this world is not the way to go, many people, it has become the road. In accordance with the modern meaning may be understood, the world’s road is always their own walk, if you see the road but do not go, eventually wandering in situ. If the road do not see, that would have been unable to extricate themselves into the puzzle.

Later, I asked cousin, then you like this? He shook his head.

In my public WeChat, almost every day will receive some friend’s message, they tell their own troubles, simple classification down and my cousin is almost the case, do not know what they are, not what you want to do, want to do and often do not know how to hand, or not really tried. But not willing, simply do not know I do not know do not, then can only have been confused.

A few years ago a friend told me that he would live the day muddle along without any aim is not jerseys different size willing to accept, seemingly no results did not challenge. He felt he had no talent ability is not high, just an ordinary person, want to do things dare not do, because can’t see the end, if there is no result, then would rather not start. Only such feelings can not resolve, unhappy.

I almost can not find reason to refute, but when I have gone through the same confusing days, I think it is just an excuse. First, don’t talk about those far, tall, great topic, one day of life is not the bystanders, but you also help grow up day by day, not others, but yourself, every day to see the future is not other people’s eyes, but you. First talk about yourself, what you want to be a person.

If you want to be a normal person, then be a normal person. If you want to be a better person, take the first step. With their common conditions to think of a better future, and not from the common concept of break out, blindly emphasize their ordinary, itself is self contradictory proposition, want to do better, don’t want to do. If it is not willing to stay forever in the mood, it is better to put down those lofty, fulfill their own now.

I think the significance of hard work, not just limited to make money, or to win the social identity, but also includes the embodiment of self-worth, and the most direct is to smooth your this is not reconciled.