I have a brother called me bengals retired jerseys in the school when the people do not love speech, very there is no way to go purpose, every time when we chat together, he can always straight into the subject, then make the conclusion, finally, we don’t know how to let go. Every time we do something out of the line, he is always the most sensible man; every time we drink a few drinks, he is the one who is responsible for bringing us back.

Although it is a good friend, but every time I would think he is bad, this life may be so, not too much out of place, not a big mistake, also won’t have shocked me eggs.

One day I discuss and East, said: “this goods each time to see us drink, crying like a dog, the two of us together with him, let him say something tears ran things, even if he did not, but also to look at the depths of his heart filled with what in the end.” That day, I get glasses kept rubbing his bottle, and he again east dry to the bottle upside down, then to see him slumped on the stool began to laugh, then tells a story about himself, and I was shocked by the story.

It is a summer vacation, students lose the bag, burned books, began frantically to travel, don’t have a love, began riding on the court game. But kogusu, it has started to apply for the volunteer tangle themselves. Because my father was in the army, kogusu childhood to set their own goals, said he later also apply for military for the country. However, kogusu’s father firmly opposed kogusu troops.

In fact, a parents let their children inherit their careers for two reasons: one is to understand the value of freedom, know their own life and love, the child is the same, not to impose their own ideas on their children, the parents are great; the two is that your life is not what you want and he has been uncomfortable, but kids can have a better choice, the parents, the greater. Kogusu and father, no matter what kind of consideration, is firmly opposed to his military test.

Two people quarrel a few days later, no fruit. Kogusu father took kogusu examination table, hiding, ready to help him and tell him the good news. The second day, kogusu gone crazy.

His father found him for two days, anxious to get a call. But at the moment the kogusu, a man went to a special group of Daxing, sit at the door. It was a hot day, cicadas broken day, bird wings like an eagle ready to fly and never going to stop.

The gate and saw a little boy sitting in the gate of the army day and night, curiously walked over, looked at me and asked: “Why are you guys?”

Kogusu slowly raised his head and said: “I want to see your political commissar.”

That afternoon in the commissar office, the commissar call to Li Nan’s father, finally, his father relented.

However, this is not an inspirational story, in fact, there is nothing in this world as long as the efforts will be successful. Because if the wrong way to go, leaving you with just a dead end. Sometimes I think the world, chicken soup is too much, just tell you to insist on, but no one told you how in a wrong way snatched from the jaws of death.

Kogusu into their dream of military training, than all the others hard, performance is better than others, others run five thousand meters, he ran ten thousand meters; others learn to nine points to eleven points, he will learn. Sophomore, he met the same love I read in the library. We became good friends and loved to talk about the good jerseys different color words and new ideas that we had this week.

We have done a lot of crazy things, I have written these stories, and later because the topic is too sensitive and ultimately not published. We even talk about anything, but, knowing, I was destined to leave the environment, because I love is free, is not willing to be bound; and kogusu is not the same, he has a strong endurance, love the firm and indomitable. Although the road is destined to be different, but they are each other’s blessing to each other. A year later, I left the military academy, to pursue the life I wanted.

The story is over here. But one day two years later, I received a kogusu call. Before this, I don’t have all the information kogusu, only know that he was assigned to the most difficult place, even there are not to use mobile phone. It is said that there are no people around a radius of tens of kilometers.

Kogusu said: “there is a dragon, I want to see you tomorrow.”

I said: “you jerseys different size are still alive, ha ha, but how do you come out ah? Not let it out? Hey, isn’t it not to use a mobile phone?”

Kogusu said: “you do not.”

That day, I and the East, killed several haven’t met in a long time the brothers together, see many black and two years without news kogusu. We think jerseys direct supply that kogusu bring a promotion message, then kogusu drank a cup of wine, slowly said, shocked the audience’s words: “tomorrow can be discharged from the army buddies.”

That night, in addition to his hopeful smile, I can only remember indistinct food stalls and noisy drinking free string line. He said: “come to the most difficult place, the experience of the experience, and also