A few years after bengals nike concept jerseys graduation, is not willing to be the reason a lot of people gradually lost contact with me, including a good friend. But I know that they are doing different things in different places like me, meeting different people, and in the other city without me.

Besides in this world no one will care about you every moment of mood state, also no one will care about when you listen to a song show a happy or not happy appearance. You always think there is a person in an effort to watching you, watching you published every single word or phrase about you, happy or sad, then know that everything is just you think too much.

But these years, it is very fortunate that you have been walking, want to go farther, go farther Road, enjoy a strange city to bring you all the strange. Including a taste and beauty of the time-honored restaurant, not a chat turned away from your people, such as a movie for several months, and quickly released in this huge city rents a house to live is not warm. Even after drifting for a few years you still do not belong here, but do not regret it. The rush may be the way. You never say you’re lonely, but in fact, you’ve been a man for years.

So you’ve been unconvinced, always in front of you haven’t realized this dream I speak to. So then I think all of what happened in your body is nothing, even if it can not survive the Hom, then there is no hope of reply. But you always say to yourself, as long as the efforts of today to adhere to the past, there is no to the tomorrow. If you choose to jerseys china factory give up, it is the dream of the man who did not realize their own true sentenced to death.

Time is walking, you are walking. It’s only a year and a lot more than a year. Be not so anxious, so don’t expect, not so sentimental.

Maybe you will be confused, confused let you have no way to go. Maybe you will be lonely, lonely make you feel that you are the whole world, and feel that there is no one to accompany your friends. You may occasionally be weak, but this is the only magic that can make you strong. You will be sad, but then found that when you have a sad expression will also happen to others.

Yes, it always happens, it always comes. It just happens that you can’t make it.

Sometimes also very pity now own, also how don’t want to own in this city, no longer every day for a crowded bus or missed a subway and worry about. No longer desperately rush lessons to the early morning before sleep for second days to run the classroom and turn the books out of spirits. No longer for a late being late to lunch without the boss criticized the mood to eat.

It seems that all this will make you feel life is not easy. Yes, life is not jerseys supply center easy. But all this will be in the past, because you have a heart of heart is not resigned to playing second fiddle. So this is the reason why you keep on going until today and never give up.

One day I suddenly realized, because of the success of others as “good luck”, is a very simple thing, especially once and for all. Because this is like luck with no reality whatever no set number of things is destined we cannot control, we will success to others we cannot control things when we own a “success” and “failure” and “give up” to find a good excuse. Because we do not have those resources, not those lucky, anyway, no matter how we do not succeed, then why do we have to work hard? We don’t have to do anything to keep the status quo. Anyway, no matter how hard we try, it’s no Wholesale jerseys authentic use. Have you ever thought about that? So as to find an excuse for yourself?

Another point of view, the success of others due to our good luck, not narrow, not dull, we’re just too smart. All of this cheap jerseys onlin, early cheap jerseys onlin burrows noted. So, even if it is for your comfort, to your current situation is not so successful a decent argument, the others will choose “success is the rhetoric of good luck” to the end. But, is this really good? This is no use ah!