A great are walking people inventor Edison, while walking,bills new jerseys 2016 while thinking, because want to get lost, along the way fall five or six times. One of his colleagues met, laughing more than. Edison responded, “what are you laughing at? Do you know who is falling? Fall, are walking people!”

Fall, are walking people. The person sitting, lying, of course, will not fall, but will not reach the goal of success. The person who has reached the goal of success is the one who walks, the one who often falls during the walk.

But those who fell football jerseys online from the cheap football jerseys people who dare not walk, from now on, people fall complacent prison, became they will never get out of the trap, they walk into the grave and the cage.

Fall in the walk, but as long as there is courage in the fall again to climb up again and again to climb up and walk, fall is always walking the image, always go far, go to the most successful, go the most wonderful image of.

Fall, are walking people. Edison’s words, people do not think of an insurance salesman. His ability to do so, from his marketing business began, he insisted every day to visit 5 customers. A year down, he visited 1849 customers, 1783 customers were rejected, only a turnover of 66, the success rate of only 1/28.

In spite of this, but he still insisted on a visit to 5 customers every day, has been to adhere to more than 20 years, a lifetime to visit 40000 customers record. If the success rate according to 1/28., he suffered a lifetime of how many refused and failed? According to the “40000 – 40000 x 1/28” formulas, a total of 38571 times.

The life experience of tens of thousands of times rejection and failure of the insurance salesman, is frank bekir. Despite his ability to go flat, he had suffered thousands of “fall” and failure in his life, but in the end he succeeded and became a top class insurance salesman in the world.

Rejection and failure 38571 Frank bekir suffered, is in fact for his “shalitaojin”, are in the thousands on thousands of rejection and failure of the “sand”, left is the success of the “gold”.

Success belongs to whom? Success belongs to those who fall after a thousand times, failures and setbacks, but still do not give up the stick to the people.

Fall, are walking people. It is falling, the achievement of our walk; it is a failure, the success of our ultimate success.

I started a new life, two hours in the morning tutor, wages than in the restaurant to do a day a little more. Afternoon bubble library, reading books, pro forma computer two and English four. Evening walk, surf the internet. The first few days of the great divide, always feel too happy, will not be punished.

Of course, the longer you can authentic nfl jerseys dominate, the more likely you are to feel lonely.

Everywhere alone as mixed in the spirit of the air, get in by every opening.

One day and one day at the same time in the same dining hall with a window, a person around the campus to take a walk around the time, a person in the library to sleep when reading to sleep.

But this is what I have for life, work can feed themselves, have time to read to learn, have leisure to walk in a daze.