I grew up in Another treasure of life poverty, when best selling new york giants jerseys poverty I do not know what is called poverty, I first learned the shame.My parents are kind of hardworking but stubborn dull people. They have the strength, but our time is not a force to be able to live a good day of the times. Others laughing to earn money, is my parents’ hard life can not match the. Chat can be comforted that they are working hard to do a day’s money, we can eat a full three.

As an only child, I can get the greatest love of my parents. Although this love is not the way the performance of KFC, McDonald’s, not Apple’s jeans, not my name is not the name of a variety of brand-name stationery. But I have a peaceful and harmonious childhood under the shelter of my parents.

My father’s love for me the most direct, but also the most simple. His father was a tricycle, so he drove me to school every day. He bent his wide back to his car, and sometimes I joked, “you see Dad can take a few miles?” Especially in the rainy days in the snow, I clean warm and came to the school. And to the school time, father and other early at the school gate, so don’t know what students envy, they say your parents really hurt you, a day to take you to school. Students suddenly reminded me, if they know to send me to school is not a family, but my father, they how to talk about it? All of a sudden I was a kind of strong sense of shame came down, I have done my life, the most let me repent of the things, I am the default of the football jerseys online misunderstanding of the students.

The father does not know my mind, he is not only a car to send me to school, the school also often I get off after the station, and then turn up spoke to my attention. Once the scene was a classmate to see, she doubts to ask, how the three rounds of how and you so close ah. I’m afraid, then say what also don’t let my father sent me to the school gate, far away, in an alley, I let the father stopped, then no one look around, quietly out of the car in advance.

My father did not understand, still insist on sending me to the school gate, and then one day he seems to understand what, then no longer adhere to the. Our tacit understanding. At the end of the school to meet my father, don’t like before the school gate waiting for, he hid in the alley, waiting for my arrival. There is a heavy rain, my father went there, the body has been soaked through the water. The father, who was also soaked to the skin, held me tight, and I saw the tears in his eyes and the rain down his face.

I went to the middle school, I ignored my parents strongly opposed, and resolutely refused to let my father sent me to school.

Father also tried to do other things, but he is too honest, always suffer. One must meet competitive business, such as booth and so on, he is always defeated and go; then people living conditions are good, many people take a taxi, tricycle ride fewer people, our family life went downhill.

Mother around daduangong. Mother has a principle, she earned the money will never spend a day, she will give me to save, she from my childhood, I firmly believe that, I can go to jerseys direct supply college, her cheap football jerseys heart and soul for more than ten years to start to save tuition.

I am the only pride that our family can get out of hand. From the beginning of my school, our family real holiday, not the new year, not the Spring Festival, not a person’s birthday, but every time the school announced the results of the examination of the day. That day our father mother beam with joy, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, will eat a meal Braised pork in brown sauce in my impression, so, always the best Braised pork in brown sauce to eat, most things yangkeng. Did not think of is a Braised pork in brown sauce in the University, but left me a lifetime to erase the memory of shame.

When I was in college, mother face tuition amount terrified, she took out her life savings, I also only one semester fee, and does not include my living expenses. I had to put forward a hardship request to the school. Not until then did I realize that when I was a child, I felt a sense of shame, compared to that time, it was like a drizzle.

Go to school a few days, all the classmates knew I was poor students, because my dormitory was arranged in the old building, there would be much cheaper accommodation. They are very curious to me, my university is said to have an alias, called the noble school. Located in the provincial capital, a lot of students at home in the city. Every weekend, the school’s several front door, are jerseys factory supply filled with a taxi, for a while, it was a call to go, carrying the students in the city, speeding away. And every Monday to return to school, they will bring back a bag of a bag I do not call on the name of the small food, and home and buy a new fashion, usually during the break, almost a snack sea, beverage bottles, cans, bags and so on have a classroom full of. They have their ears plugged in the latest CD headphones, talking about the most popular words, mobile phones are often updated. For many students, poverty is as far away from their lives as the Sahara desert. Because of the difference, I became the person they were paying attention to. That’s what I found out later. They looked at me with curiosity and compassion, and when I wash my face and wash my face, I actually use the soap to wash my clothes.