A rich handsome said actually the free shipping to me he recently around nfl jerseys from china circle of weak a lot of beautiful spare tire, some even have married, I would ask her out wine and dine or other. He thinks his charm is great. I curious ask: “you are these beauty circle inside the highest rich handsome one?” He said, “yes, of course I’m not.” I asked again: “what about you out is the woman?” He said: “no, is wanton.” I said: “the problem is very clear, not your charm, but you are not worth enough money.” He did not understand. I added: “good girl, don’t you, help you contact a Green Tea. You think you’re popular, actually you’re just not worth it. Who will choose themselves think worthless people casually play. You should not reflect on why you pleased with oneself, but Bitch gathered so much, and why Bitch dare to tease you.” He is indifferent, pull the black men.

A sister told me that people around him can not compare with her, she now has no motivation to advance, do not need to work hard. I said: “you now more cattle?” She said I now class first, Student Union minister, English IELTS also tested 6.5 points. Feel no effort. I am helpless children said: “you say you have a head of school, it is worth your pride? Student Union minister that is how much ‘officer’, canteen meal concessions do not? As for IELTS 6.5, if I score so low are embarrassed to say with others. You used to show off!” She refuses to accept: “elder brother, I already was our class most outstanding good?”” I replied: “well, it is a pity that society is not only your classmates.” She said nothing, went to the Cambridge ielts.

Know a friend in England, usually working in China city. Every time I see him will tell me that he bought a certain discount Armani Jeans, etc.. I feel very successful now, tell me that people are not as good as his hometown. I ask what do you usually do? Do you learn something to read? He said no, don’t need to learn. I said: “elder brother, you which line?” What are you compared to you? A working cook makes you feel good?” He said no, it’s better than the family. I make up a knife: “if you have to put your life in the location of cook or farmers, we don’t talk about what. You are invincible, because you have only one world.” He said: “brother think you are right.” Now his small business doing well.

If one day we find me where we circle the best, on the one hand may be our own really awesome, on the other hand, it is also likely that the situation is our circle is too weak, our environment is weak, our opponents are very frustrated. We are called rich handsome or white Formica when we really not “handsome” or “Bai Fumei”, but the real rich handsome and white Formica didn’t take us to play. Because in their opinion we are too weak, even weaker in many people’s eyes we is already an expert. But the most frightening thing is that we often because even a few points more than us weak people praise and applause, unexpectedly opinionated, pleased with oneself. Not to say that we hung up the pioneer officer’s seal is a generation of players, Zhao Yun Zhao Yun of the circle, the circle of Liao liao.

Long ago I felt how I felt. Later found slowly, a lot of time we feel that the wholesale super bowl jerseys cattle from the time, it is likely that we are weak, because we are not cattle, but our competitors weak. And why are our competitors weak? It is because we are weak, so fell to a weak platform, so the platform to fight to fight opponents are also very weak. You are not equal to how high you in the Lord it over others football, because of the lack of a Spanish players here with you ball shovel; you get a score in the CBA all star was not worth you above the world, fast this year, forty year old Carter still won’t look at you; even if you Ko Muay Thai king. WCG you may still be minute seckill.

In three the school academic Daniel, but to the elite may be pale into insignificance by comparison; in an investment bank with a high salary, the hedge fund community obliterate all; in a small city of the nouveau riche Beijing Shanghai to summon wind and call for rain, basically have no sense. So whenever we consciously invincible in the world, why not reflect on: may not be more than I have the ability, but I can not cheap nfl jerseys afford. You don’t have enough skill because of their own in a small circle of palm and then no more pleased with oneself lord it over others. With Guo Degang’s words: “not their own ability, mainly peer foil.”

The more expert, more likely to realise his insignificance. Man’s vision is a spiral. The bigger your eyes the greater the spiral, the greater the periphery you realize, the more you realize your limitations. High school graduates feel that they can make contributions, undergraduate can feel “career”, “master graduates feel that they can marry and settle down”, feel “rare graduation graduation”. Chinese economics founder Mr. Chen Daisun said “my life only one thing, is to super bowl jerseys for women teach.”