30 years ago to About the word a book, this is my 20 year old bills jerseys change “dream” dream, I want 40 years of life without confusion.

Now I am minus one of the night to catch a draft, rub a while hand knock for a while the keyboard, the computer is the year I was 18 years old with a scholarship to buy. The book is planned at the age of 24, hurt my schedule, I almost powerless, 22 years old, I became a high school mathematics teacher.

Many times I imagined I was wearing coat, scarf sits in the cafe to write it like I should choose a table by the window, let the warmth of the sun on my face, my 45 degrees look up at the sky, looking out jerseys different color of the window of the people in a hurry to depart I lamented their sentences constantly on the run, life, and lazy to jerseys different size stretch a waist.

Back to reality, I was constantly on the run, get up at 7 every morning, 3.1 in classroom, dormitory and canteen. At 11 in the evening, students will be at night, in the last 16 hours, I always like a ghost from time to time outside the classroom. The school moved to the suburbs, teachers dormitory has not yet completed, schools have some classrooms for teacher to live, 12 people, people often play cards at night, every night I go to bed at 3, struggling in the snore as one falls, another rises. Only a week to 2 times a ride back to the city, so chouzhunshiji, look at the other people, back to the rental housing, in addition to sleep, in the rush release.

My life has been a mess, I only write something like cheap jerseys online this little.

The landlady was always saying, “you light a night in a night, is a waste of electricity.” “Although you are not permanent, but if necessary to add some price.”

The parents with deadly reminder, “not too busy to quickly find an object, after all, you work for three years.” “I heard that there is a teacher in the normal work of the more than and 40 year old married his wife, the computer was stolen just sit and cry.”

Play buddy, to participate in the work of colleagues, already completely out of the strange old, kept the sun baby sun wedding, afraid you can’t see it personally send text messages to call you to tell you he (she) married, how many people a little flustered.

“Fang elder sister” also want to get married, I and his high school with the school, the university classmate, work together with the unit. He was the lead singer of the band, I gave him the adaptation of the song lyrics, silhouetted against each other. Once my friend are scattered in the horizon, only he left. He said this time the senior student he wanted to write a song for them, or the words. He even “instead of the Qiang Lu, bastard.

But, even if I have nothing, I still have a dream. But, I’m too shy to say it. But others say you have nothing, you have the disease.

I think, no matter how randomly, every ten people, ten are inferior, including eight or nine partial narcissism, only one or two tend to love. Yuhenantian, when people can not satisfy the current situation, or wish not to attack the inferiority complex. I also often self doubt, fear has always down, even if the “full of infinite things, just like life frustrated v.”.

The other day, I wore a red brown clothes, the students booing, I said: “I am on the strength of people who eat, actually reduced to a piece of clothing to bring your applause.” They laugh.

I then said: “Luckily I haven’t bald, also can’t grow a beer belly, otherwise also does not manage this dress. I thought I have a cup of coffee will be up slightly to the orchid fingers, jiaochen, now living you are forced into a big voice, you have a small action I run towards you, you this group of people wear little monster.”

My mouth talk rubbish, their laughter, and how to solve them.

In the lustrous and dazzling world, no one can live freely flowing style of writing. But I always believe that, through the years of Pinghu rain, rivers, those who experienced unscathed, tasted the taste of people, will be more vivid and clean. Time is always a spectator, all the process and the results, we need to bear.

Albert said, “as if there is a deadline, love or friendship, as well as more and more. Process, frustration, time, reality, whatever it is that makes it out of date. You heard the cry of repression, to understand the emotional transition, knowing the changes in the mood, you so regret and helpless.”

So, will the dream expire?

I used to write good fiddle after all, out of the book, so you say is not professional, it is not the root seedlings are Buhong. Maybe wait until you really have the opportunity, but no energy to create, can not be like the university that a few years to stay up all night. The old monk said it wants to see the mountain is a mountain, but really experienced mountain is not the mountain? Why not take advantage of the young Batui, do not take advantage of the free to take a look at this world? Still hold live urine can not contain words, not into the world they thought was born, people light is hard to come out, your light is lazy, afraid is comfort, is nothing.

From the first time on the podium now shy of each class must first take time for, from the paranoid to now entangled in the. In just 3 years, I walked faster than anyone, seems to have 30 years to experience the life of the preview again: no one is willing to take over the class, not bad