Eleven the last day of vacation, the Arizona Cardinals will visit San Francisco Bay Area challenge 49. Before the season this year is considered to be the Super Bowl hit Cardinals poor state, only 1 wins and 3 negative results;

Although 49 people for the coach, but is still half-dead situation, both teams need a victory to restore the decline. The game or will become the two teams this season, a watershed.

San Francisco 49 team runs Carlos Hyde in 5 rushing touchdowns to lead the League of nations throughout the league is second only to Melvin Gordon’s Paowei electro-optic 6 times. Hyde road to punch the ball is now 49 major offensive weapons.

On the other hand, this offseason to join the 49 wide receiver Jeremy this season last week, 6 times the ball scored 88 yards, and 33 yards with a touchdown. This season, his 18 receptions for 202 yards to lead the team.

9 defense core Navarro Bauman again because of injury in the season, the star inside a nfl jerseys china continuous multiple injuries, but also to the 49 defense group Paibingbuzhen stretched.

Cardinals Paowei David Johnson has become an important part of the offensive team, four weeks before the game he Lianpao then won a total of 510 yards, becoming the first regular season in league history, four games can get 100+ mixed code number of players.

The team the first four veteran Palmer Carson during a game last week suffered a concussion, is likely to miss the game, this is indeed not a small blow to the road for the cardinals.

See the defense, the Cardinals two outside linebacker Chandler Jones and Marcus Golden in the first four games every 1 sacks are accounted for, and this data is also loaded in Cardinals history, has experienced the offseason for reinforcement, the Cardinals defensive group rushed mass compared to last season has been greatly improved.