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Jin Bao: even if there is only one person, I will not give up football. The first time I met football was during the winter vacation of 2010, when I was a basketball fan in the second year of junior high school, watching NBA games every day. One day, suddenly […]

Do you know all these 8 faces of Philip Rivers? In the seventh week of the regular season, NFL London will be the second time this season at Wembley Stadium. The Los Angeles Chargers from the western United States will play against Tennessee Titan in the southern part of the […]

Challenge Xing Tianyu and get Brady’s jersey again! At 8:15 on October 5, 2008, the Indianapolis pony VS New England Patriots Competition, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent out a patriot No. 12 Brady jersey. The competition room was soon full and there seemed to be a lot of interest in […]

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Antonio – brown to change his life, steel man 28-21 down tiger Runner-guard Le’Veon Bell is expected to report to the team next week, which does not seem to affect the state of the runner. Kang Na Ben shot 111 yards, two times. With 10 seconds to go, (Antonio Brown) […]

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NFL super fans will be selected. 2018-10-13 At the beginning of this season, NFL super fans will be formally established. NFL will look for a group of the most nfl football fans jerseys in the form of fans. More than a month has passed since the 2019 season. Thanks to […]

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The patriot’s original China show shows Brady to take you into NFL.     New England Patriots has launched their first original Chinese TV show, the Brady China Show, featuring the legend of the National Football League and Tom Brady jerseys of the New England Patriots. New England Patriots have […]

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Eagles defense end: Barkley sets 3 professional bowl players with the same advantages. Every week, the giants rookie runner-up (Saquon Barkley jerseys) can perform several superb performances, reminding people of his unique ability. Even the defenders of the enemy team have to admit his superiority. Before Thursday’s skirmishes, the Hawk’s […]